Drug Trafficking


Professor Termaine Garden

April 29, 2014

Drug Trafficking


Attention Getter: I’m sure more than half you have watched a movie or documentary that had to

do with drugs.

Credibility: I once saw a movie called “Maria Full of Grace”, and it was based on drug

trafficking. It showed one of the many ways they go about smuggling drugs, and it sparked an

interest in me choosing this topic and looking into it more.

Audience Relevance: Want to know what a drug mule looks like? Well if you look in the mirror

that can be one answer. There is no “look” for a drug mule. Every single person involved in drug

trafficking is doing it for the money they will make.

Thesis: Today I will be informing you on drug trafficking. First, on a few methods used to

smuggle in the drugs. Second, the countries that are known for drug trafficking. And lastly, ways

that they are trying to be prevented.

(Transition): Now I am going to share with you three different methods people have tried to

sneak in narcotics into the country illegally.


I: Methods of drug trafficking:

A) In an article that I had read, Heroin Implants Turned Puppies Into Drug Mules, the

drug traffickers had used puppies. The drug trafficker had used 10 puppies from

Medellin, Colombia and surgically implanted packets of heroin into the puppies’

bodies to ship them to the United States. They tried making the puppies seem as

“show puppies” so that they would get through customs easier.

a) 3 puppies died after they were saved because of the drugs.

B) In another article, To Smuggle More Drugs, Traffickers Go Under the Sea, drug

traffickers have come up with a new way to try and smuggle drugs into the United

States. They used a submarine across the Caribbean Sea. The submarine that was

caught trying to smuggle in contraband, had several tons of cocaine. In the article it

was also stated that there are now three new submarines that are “capable of traveling

underwater from South America to the coast of the United States.”.

a) With this situation occurring it also now brings worry to the Americans that

this method can also be used to transport attackers or weapons for terrorism.

C) Another method that drugs have been smuggled in was from a South African woman

who had 1.5kg of cocaine sued into her fake dreadlocks. She was caught in the airport

of Bangkok. She is now being put on trial, and will possibly be facing the death

penalty. The cocaine in her dreadlocks weighed over 3 pounds, and they were worth

$150,000. She was going to get paid $1,900. Barely $2,000 that were clearly not

worth having to either spend the rest of her life in prison, or face the death penalty.

People that are helping to smuggle in these drugs illegally do it for their own selfish reasons, of

wanting to make money, nothing thinking logically of the consequences. This is why the poor

countries are usually the ones doing most of the drug trafficking into the United States.

II: Countries known for drug trafficking:

A) Drug trafficking is the most profitable illegal trade.

B) There are 7 main countries that are known for their drug trafficking.

a) Afghanistan

b) Burma

c) Mexico

d) Colombia

e) Peru

f) Bolivia

g) The Bahamas

C) Mexico is the “primary conduit for drugs entering the U.S”.

(Transition): With so many countries trying to find their way to smuggle in their narcotics, the

United States is trying to find sufficient ways in cutting down, and eventually stopping drug


III: Trying to Prevent Drug Trafficking:

A) The United States is setting up stronger borders to shield drug trafficking. The more

protection we build around our country, and the stronger border surveillance we have,

the better chance we have to stop drug trafficking.

B) Not only do drug traffickers directly try and bring in drugs through the boarders, but

they also do “air-drop deliveries”, and with how huge and remote some states are in

this country, the United States is setting up stronger and more efficient surveillance.

C) Barack Obama has been trying to strengthen security in the southwest border, from

Mexico to the north, and stop the movement of arms and money towards the south.

D) They are trying to improve X-Ray machines as