Dr. Reynolds
ENGL 105
September 1, 2016
The Struggle of Writing
Ever since I was a little girl, and could hold a pencil, I was taught how to write. I started out writing by doing the tedious task of tracing the huge ABC letters on to the silly dotted lines. From then on it turned into hundreds of mindless sentences consisting of words like "cat", "mat", "at" and "sat". As I grew up from an innocent child to a wiser student the writing got harder. The mindless sentences turned into flowing paragraphs. As I went through my life as a student, the complicated syntax blossomed into beautifully coherent essays. As I look back the growth of my writing skills, I am really shocked. At a first glance it may not seem like I have changed a lot, but as I look through my past assignments, I have realized I\'ve changed a lot as a writer. My writing is stronger, is easier to read, and more comprehensive. Not only have I noticed a difference in my writing, but I have also noticed that I also do a lot of weird things while writing essays. With the different techniques taught to me through the years, I realized I have picked up some good and bad habits that have affected my writing in many ways.
The first thing I do is start off with my bad habit; procrastination. Whenever I write an essay, I always start it with the procrastination stage. This stage is my biggest enemy and best friend at the same time. It has helped me get through some tough essays. Procrastination helps me to forget about the essay completely and all the anxiety accompanies writing. I don\'t normally start my essays until two days before the due date. When I know I have an essay due the next day, I turn into the most OCD person on the planet. I start cleaning and doing chores that no normal person would like to do on their free time, but since I have an essay due, I think it is fun to clean the toilet, and reorganize my bookshelf 6 different times to avoid my assignment. The anxiety of writing causes me to believe that I need to make sure everything is spotless in order for me to write and stay focused on the task at hand. After I have cleaned up everything in the house, I will take a nap because I\'ve tired myself out from cleaning up all day. I figure that to write my best, I need to take a quick nap to reenergize my brain. So I can awake to having a fresh and clear mind. However, the quick little nap usually ends up being 4-hour long waste of time. To make matters worse, when I wake up I am starving. So then what do I have to do? I have to make myself some food because how can I work on an empty stomach. It\'s just not possible. I then go to my other best friend the refrigerator to make my favorite snack- apples and peanut butter. So after I have made my delicious snack, I finally sit down at my desk and start all the other homework just to prolong the process more. I think to myself that If I have all my homework done, then I won\'t have to worry about it while I am writing my essay and I will have a clear head.
After I have finished eating, sleeping, and doing anything in my power to stall myself from my essay, it\'s finally time to start the thing I have been dreading the most … the essay. When I finally start, It\'s usually around ten at night. I will sit at my spotless desk and begin to write indiscriminant thoughts down. I don\'t necessarily think this is a bad habit of mine; however, I just think it prolongs the process of writing because I have already procrastinated for so long. I think over time I need to figure out a faster and easier way to start my paper, so that the process is more organized and quick. As I begin to write, I will open the window by my desk to listen