Do you think Google has been successful? Why?
What is unusual about Google? What practices support the Google business model?
Encourage collegiality , long term focus even sacrifise short term profit
Avoid overhear keep the team small and nimble( force to innovate in how we manage the business)
Recurting - everyone is a player general cognitive ability and other attributes fit culturally with the organization
Compensation - great balance of work and life employee satisfaction
Benefits and perks - optimize their time and encourage them meet new people
Loose organization structure - do something on their own, better mentored than managed, a lot of leeway,give a goal figure out the way to achieve let people execute
Performance reviews -gather reviews from manager, peers direct report ,from different perspective
Consensus oriented decision making style,but not let the process slow you down( build consensus)
What are some challenges that Google is facing at the end of the case?
The potential of creeping bureaucracy stemming from an increase in policies and guidelines required to manage an international companies of over 17,000 employees.
Consensus decision making style become challenging when decisions needed to be made across multiple locations (difficult for prople that make decisions on their own
Cross functional organization become difficult - company expand increasing employees (to avoid replication of effort provide more transparency)
Ensure google new offices around the world have the same culture as the offices in the US and not miss out on the unique perspectives comes from that area (culture diversity and homogeneity)
Medium sized decisions too small to escalate or too big to give in when there are differences of opinions.
What else can Google do to ensure that it remains an entrepreneurial place?
What other steps can Google take to help keep Google " Googley " to avoid bureaucracy and maintain rapid decision making and international consistency? Please devise an action plan. Be specific.