“Do you support or oppose the death penalty”

Introduction to criminal justice

Vincent P, Como, M.S,
Miami Dade College North Campus

October 20, 2015

The Death Penalty: A Necessary Evil

The death penalty is an issue that has the United States quite divided. While there are many supporters of it, there is also a large amount of those opposing it. Like myself, I believe The Death Penalty is needed. The use of capital punishment greatly deters many from committing crimes most and foremost on murder. Many individuals fear death; therefore if they are informed that loosing their life is a possible consequence for their actions they are less likely to perform that idea in mind. It does not matter what race or economic status a person is, if they are guilty they must receive the appropriate punishment, which in some cases may be the death penalty.
Life in prison doesn’t ever seem to last. Murderers end up getting out because of law changes, parole board changes, and because people forget the past. That should not be an excuse. If someone is greatly influenced in taking someone’s life, they should have the same done back to them. Others believe that without death penalty things will be okay in the sense that those whom have committed the crimes will learn their lesson. I don’t agree with this because on the other hand they will just become better at it and will just become an often addiction. Without the correct punishment and strong way of setting the good from the bad many wont learn either. In today’s world, older people or celebrities influence many individuals. They are greatly inspired by those who have the fame and attention. If someone who is “cool” or has gained all the attention by doing something as committing such a bad crime those would then indeed try to reach up to their level. Very few people nowadays are in the correct path of knowing right from wrong. If there is no
way of setting the example and making the punishment harsh no one will learn their lesson and believe it will always be okay do commit that crime.
For example, according to an article I read I realized how it would feel to be in this family’s position. “Imagine you’re at work. You know your daughter is getting off the bus just about this time. The thought of something bad happening to her never even crosses your mind--this is the same routine every day. A man is sitting in her closet. He knows what time you leave for work in the morning. He knows what time she gets on the bus to go to school. He knows what time she gets off the bus, and the time you get home. He knows everything because he’s smart. He’s calculating and he’s done this before. He has been planning this for a while. He’s been watching the way your family lives, and waiting, and today is the day he’s planning to attack. She gets off the bus and goes into her house, the same as she does every day. Later on, you wonder what was going through her mind: If she felt something strange when she entered the house, maybe she did, maybe not. Either way, she’s gone now and you know by the haunted look in the detective’s eyes, that she didn’t go peacefully. Imagine you’re sitting in the courtroom. You are watching her killer, you’re trying to figure out, why, why my baby? Why did you pick my family to ruin? You watch him day after day. His eyes are cold, steely blue and lifeless. What is going on behind them? What is he thinking? How could a human being do something like this to another human being? You keep thinking about life in prison vs. the death penalty. You keep thinking about your daughter and how she didn’t get to choose. She didn’t get a chance to do anything she planned for her future. You think about how you may feel as you watch him being executed. You wonder about the families of the other victims. You wonder if he had an accomplice who will continue to kill after he’s locked up or dead. Every once in