Do Cultures Travel?

A young woman, who was raised in a family of Myan people, narrated this movie. The Myan people have never had a stable home. Instead, they can be found living in countries like Laos, China, or Thailand. The narrator’s father had brought his family to America thinking that he would be able to build a great life for them. Little did he know, his shaman skills would not at all translate to success, here in America. This realization led him to opiate addiction, especially after his daughter was stabbed to death. He was always either drinking and abusing opiates. Myan people in all countries, as well as in the ancient times, have always had opiate addictions. This started when opium was first introduced to them in China. The older brother of the narrator finally decided he couldn’t watch his family deteriorate any longer. He went straight to the Police and reported his parents to them for drug use. They both went to jail for a while, and the brother disappeared for 12 years. Once the father was released, he decided to go back to an old housing family for help. He thought the only way he could be helped is if he became a Christian, like the family. This was very hard for a Myan shaman to do. It was evident how uncomfortable it was for the family to shift religions. Once the father had passed, the narrator went back to Asia to explore her roots for some clearance; to see why her father was so optimistic to begin with. She found out that he was a well-regarded shaman in his home country. The narrator noticed how America almost forced her dad to get rid of his religion, because there was no room for it here. There was no way to make a living off of what he was known best for doing.