DNY influence of the dutch on nycís early history

- Dutch trading companies
push factor missing 1Ö,2Ö.,3Ö.,4Ö they didnít feel like going out to dicover
pull factor not strong 1Ö.,2Ö,3Ö, they were only interested in trading
- 1602 Dutch East india Company-
monopoly on dutch spice trade often considered first multinational company/corporation in the world first issue stock
- 1614 first dutch settlement Fort Nassau
- 1621- dutch west india company
- march 31st 1624 ship the new Nederland 30 familes
first dutch immigarnts tp north America
-1624 fortress, Fort Orange
-1625- fortress, Manhatten Island, farmers from Holland brought here five farms established
-farms Ė bouwerijen
1629- DWIC promised ďliberties 2nd exemptionsĒ Ė 50 colonists- own expense called a patron buy land-full ownership held in perpetuity for himself and heirs
1629- dwic bought back 4 or 5 patroon ships- Rensselaers wyck-Kiliaen vao Rensselaers
1647- Nieuw Amsterdam became trading center of the colony- Pieter Stuyvesht-700/100? Ė de wal

Amsterdam- nienw
Amsterdam- new york city

1626- Peter Minuit, governor of new Amsterdam purchased Manhatten Island for 60 guilders (24$-25$)
1664- 1500 inhabitants-350 houses- not all Dutch- many languages- cosmopolitan city- atmosphere of tolerance(religious), as per 17th century Holland
1646- town of breukelen Ė Brooklyn
17th century- Netherlands and England maritime powers- rivalry for trade and freedom of the seas
August 28,1664- English fleet off Nienw Amsterdam four men- of Ė war- dutch surrender
1673- Dutch again- nieuw Oranje/ New Orange
1674- Treaty of West minister ended Anglo- Dutch war territory to Britain- NYC