Diversity Cohesion


June 16, 2014

Implementing diversity into all career fields and businesses is paramount for the future. Corporations all around the world have now started a multicultural initiative for promoting to all ethnicities employment opportunities that will bring in new ideas and untapped talents that formal or traditional companies of the past haven’t adapted to. While having a more multiracial workforce helps to eliminate the chance of having a minority race in the workplace and it won’t make people angry and think the company or boss is racist. . This paper will show that studies and opportunities have contributed to the success to many new businesses and also how productivity levels that have surpassed many wildest expectations’, this could be the business model for the future and the down fall of business that have yet to implement multicultural capability in there companies or creating more opportunities in the United States for career advancement and cultural reconnection.

With a high number of individuals that have migrated into the United States in the past 50yesrs we are able to see that the diversity in the work place within large companies. We are able to see the changes in high powered positions ; as the global commerce climate change the import and exported exchanges of the past have been traded in for easier access to a wide variety of smaller providers, instead of just dealing with one country known for dealing a signature product you can now request the same product for cheaper from a person of a different ethnicity in same country. Competition and ability to deliver quality is now what is the key to success or potential bankruptcy. Authors (Lauring, 2011, & Devoe, 1999) noted that as a result of the rise of internationalized business environment and global competitiveness, the managing of human diversity has become a challenging daily routine task for a major part of business communities. As the economy grows increasingly more and more larger companies are taking the multicultural workforce route, it becomes very important financially to be part of it then to become against the idea, take for example Wal-Mart a will rounded store that is not only known for their low prices but also having a multiracial staff and having ethnic foods. Having different races in managerial and authority positions helps to show that the company is not racist and is open to everyone and the ideas that they bring. Having multiculturalism in the workplace makes the workers more aware of the sense of culture and helps the employees to be exposed to new ideas and helps them to think outside the box. Once a worker is shown the beliefs of another and can see from their point of view it helps broaden their closed mind which can reflect positively on his work.

Not only is diversity good for the overall public in the respect of potential status elevation for a growing family, but also possible bonding that will occur in a professional environment. . Similarly, Clive (2007) and Hunt (2011) argued that workplaces are the only sites at which individuals from diverse cultures convene and collaborate, and thus refreshes and broadens the relevancy of an organization. In addition, Sadri and Tran (2002) found that improvements in supervisor-subordinate communication would prompt workplaces to manage diversity and cultural differences by encouraging integration and equality in the workplace. Showing that there is opportunity for any race to gain a position in management is a huge motivating tool that is encouraging participation for all the races to come together cohesively no matter what background and accomplish a common goal which be the will being and care for their family and within that common goal they becomes the full force of the raising of the companies revenue and increase in sales and productivity.
Lee, C. (2000). Instituted a simulations game he stated that provided a statistical point of view that showed dramatic demographic shift in the employment market that predicts larger numbers of different ethnic and racial groups, employers have demanded leadership and coworker skills in effective multicultural interactions by providing this study it shows that when companies do not take to the embracement of having a multicultural work place it can cause the down fall for the company or an increase in the