Diante Hardy Hardy 1
Professor Palermo
23 February 2017
Since being in this new semester of the community development program, I've learned a lot. I've learned a lot about gentrification and how it affects people who are low income families and also how it affects the community as a whole . Gentrification is a word for the arrival of wealthy people in an urban area, there's an increase in rent and property value , and changes in the district's character and culture. This word is o ften used negatively, basically saying the displacement of poor communities by rich outsiders. But the effec ts of gentrification are different and contradic tory, and its real impact changes.
A neighborhood that is gentrified can become a "victim of its own success." T he upward spiral of desire and increasing rents and property values often makes the property qualities that began attracting new people in the first place. When success comes to a neighborhood, it does not always come to its established residents, and the displacement of that community is gentrification's most troubled problems . .
No one is more vulnerable to the effects of gentrification than renters. When prices go up, tenants are pushed out, whether through natural turnover, rent hikes, or evictions. When buildings are sold, buyers often evict the existing tenants to move in themselves, combine several units, or bring in new tenants at a higher rate. When residents own their homes, they are less vulnerable, and may opt to "cash them in" and move elsewhere. Their options may be limited if there is a regional housing shortage, however, and cash does not always help.
The gentrification of a neighborhood often produces conflicting impressions on residents and non-residents and it's as a result of capitalism, a system characterized by the pursuit of profit where residents of big cities everywhere face the effects of gentrification, as long-time residents are pushed out of neighborhoods due to rising rents and housing costs and other changes. However, what appears to be the two contradictory problems of gentrification: the improvement of a neighborhood on one hand and the displacement of its long-time residents on the other hand would seem to address the effect and problems of gentrification on low income. Gentrification is violence.
I've also learned a major point to help me understand the community. I've learned that in order to understand the community, the people within the communities need to be more interactive with each other to then be able to have a say for what needs to be done inside the community. When people work together, they achieve their goal. A wide variety of different ways to better the community is a great way to create a sense of understanding within the people. Community development made me realize that if society works towards achieving common objectives, then the main goal of bettering society will come with success.

As far as learning these things this semester, there are still certain things I would like to improve upon this next semester. One of the main things I would like to improve upon this semester is my motivation to get certain things done. I feel like my motivation was down but I still did my work. Secondly, another thing I would improve upon is my participation within the class. I've could of done way better with that aspect of the class but that all ties back to motivation.