Communication is ubiquitous. Being able to communicate effectively is the most fundamental of all life skills. I believe having communication skills can assist all aspects of a person life, in regards to professional life to social gathering and everything in between. The ability to communicate information correctly, vividly is essential life skill and something that should not be fail to notice. It is a way to improve the quality of your life. Good communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, be it personal or professional. With that being said, the purpose of my essay to recognize how perception and listening skills is a good way to improve the quality of life and better our relationship with others. I think these skills could improve my friendship with Charles.
The relationship I will be writing about is the friendship between my friend Charles and me. Our friendship plays an important aspect in our life. We care about each other dearly. We encourage each other when we are sad, we entertain each other when one is lonesome, and we listen when one of us has problems. But sometimes we do encounter days when we typically have bad days. Some challenges aspects of our friendship is sometimes we are expected to listen to each other problem when we are in a bad mood or not. Occasionally, we cannot always say what we would really like to convey even if we are feeling angry. It is just a protocol we agreed on. The benefits aspects of our relationship is I have someone who is willing to support me when I go through adversity. When my mother was going through a serious illness, Charles supported so much it helped me cope the trauma I experienced. Every time I speak to Charles it is always with kindness and respect. This is because he is a wonderful, helpful person to be around. When I speak to Charles, he makes my day better.
In terms of perception, some factors of perception that impact the quality of this friendship is we have the ability to see how we successfully support each other with a variety of things. For example, when I need help with school work, Charles is always things to assist me. In comparison, I do the same for him. There were several times when Charles needed guidance on how to do APA format. As a good friend, I vividly walked him through the process to effectively format APA style correctly. That is something we agree upon as friends is to support each other regardless. My second example is another factor of perception that impact the quality of this friendship is we set goals for ourselves that relate to the both of us. Some of the goals we create, we can be recognize. This semester one of our goals is to ensure we get all A’s and B’s in all of our classes. Success in college is crucial to us.
Perception skills can be improved to better the relationship quality by becoming aware of what you say, how you socialize, the types of diction you use when trying to communicate a message. I could developing into becoming more aware of “stereotypes” (Griffin& Bone, 2014, p.45) people use in a negative way to evaluate others. I think I need to work on serotypes because my perception of others are not always accurate. Consequently, I need to be more tolerant of others. Also, Griffin& Bone (2014) explain engaging in “perception checking” is imperative. This is how people”…consider a series of statements or questions to confirm (or challenge) our perceptions of others and their behaviors.” (p. 45) in their book, Invitation to human communication. Perception checking can help me understanding others more accurately and improve my communication skills. It is a great tool to help people understand others accurately instead of just simply jumping to conclusions, and this is an important step toward improving my perception abilities.
In regards to listening, a few factors of listening that impact the quality this relationship is Charles and I ,both ,sometimes have complications listening to each other when we uses “verbal clutter”(Griffin & Bone,2014,p.112) it makes it hard for us to process the words that are necessary to deliver the