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Ever since I was a child I have a child I have always wanted to be a Doctor. It all began when I seen my Mother with her lab coat i have always aspired to be the same. To do So I plan to major in pre-med, however pre-med is not a major so I would major in biology. Biology is really such a broad field which could lead you on to study living organisms such as animals, plants, humans or even bacteria, to help develop biological knowledge and understanding of living processes for a number of different purposes, including treatment of disease and sustaining the natural environment. biology is such a large field because you pretty much study the basis of every living thing and what characteristics make them living.
Since I would like too become a Doctor I have a long path of schooling I must complete. First I have to take all the proper courses that would allow me to be medically qualified. I must take all my bio math, chemistry, health course and earn my bachelor degree. I must all show that I am a involved student that really cares about the well being of others by volunteering and doing(MCAT) which all medical students must take to enter medical school. According to