Desiderata: World Unity !
Natnael Yebio W.
A seed falls on the ground. What kind of seed is it? We don't know. We will find out later on when it grows into a tree. The rain comes. The sun shines. A month has passed and still we don't know from the little sapling we have at hand what plant it is. But it smells like orange. It is orange. Now we know that whenever we plant the seed of that tree, we will have an orange tree. We failed to guess at first, but the answer was always written in the seed itself, in a language that only the universe understands.
When the seed fell on the ground, it got into contact with chaos. It had to fight entropy (Disorder) and organize its energy and information to start to grow into a new plant, with stem, branches and leaves. Finally, it grew flowers which in turn changed into fruits. That is the end of the cycle.
A seed when fully grows into a tree. That's its destiny. There are various forces that try to keep the seed in the ground to rot and die. But it fights its way upward and as it grows branches and leaves, the wind tries to break its stem and the storm to….it. Molds and various types of insects destroy its branches and leaves. The sun strikes mercilessly sapling its last drops of juice. Despite all this, it continues to grow and produces what had been decreed by nature for it to produce.
The plant fights off any thing that attacks its organic unity. Were it not for this inherent trend for unity, it would disintegrate and fall to pieces. On the other hand, everything that came to disturb the plant did in a sense come to strengthen its organic unity. In brief, whatever happened to the plant was there to maintain its unity and purpose.
The world like a seed planted in the matrix of the universe. It fought against chaos and started to develop. That's negative entropy. It produced oceans, mountains, seas, plants, animals and lastly a fruit; a human being.
There is a difference however between a fruit of a plant and a human being. The latter thinks. And as a result cycle becomes a spiral, going upward, towards infinity. Wherever there is intelligence, there is organization. What sort of organization? An organization that is characterized by infinite connections and growth. On top of the collective intelligence which helps humankind to organize and progress, there is also collective instinct which may be called historical forces.
There are many factors that shape the historical forces. Historians write history and try to explain cause and effect, but they don't know why things go that way instead of this way or why a leader has decided to do this or that. If one were to ask Napoleon why he invaded Russia or why he was doing what he did, he would simply say that it was way beyond his power. Although he had a plan of his own that followed using his intellect and experience, there was a major historical plan that he was unconsciously following in spite of himself. Can we call it a historical force?
Some might say that by studying the signs and trends of the times, by delving into the past and analyzing the present, it would be simple to predict the actions and decisions of nations and their leaders. But why in the first place do we have certain signs and trends? What could be for example, the reason why Columbus set sail to the New World a few months after the fall of Granada and the demise of the Moors in Spain? It could have been that Sultan of the Moors sent Columbus on a similar mission and we would have a different world order at present.
My answer to why this one happened and not that one is: the historical forces that work towards organic unity and growth optimized and took the right decision. Historical forces have their own way of choosing the simplest way to organic unity. Who would have thought that the few people from England who