Derber and Climate Change:
Derber views climate change as a misunderstood, underestimated symptom of a deep-seated change in our daily lives. If growth is all that we concern ourselves with then the world will be destroyed, as it is impossible to sustain unlimited consumption in a world of finite resources. This inherently capitalist notion of profit maximization and mass consumption has led to the dire consequences we now see ourselves facing head on. Mentioning the ideological apparatus, Derber recognizes that it is difficult for the public to realize the unpopular truth when it goes against the entrenched powerful interests, and challenges newly developed values of and benefits of capitalism - indicating climate change is a direct result of capitalism. We are currently living in a world where resources are scarce and the global population needs resources, so much so that they will fight for them and potentially result in unchecked military hegemony. Conversely capitalism as an inherently war-like system leads to costly wars such as the one in Iraq, which emit exceptional amounts of Carbon Dioxide and are substantial contributors to the disastrous climate change issues we face today. Derber is convinced that the overwhelming economic and cultural power of global corporations, merged with the political and military hegemonic power of the American government and the crisis of climate change, are all three together an integrated crisis. This 21st century calamity needs a new vision and political movement that can offer an alternative.