Demographic Information
Denver Academy

Students Observed
Michael (Asperger’s Syndrome), Paul (ADHD), Emmy (ADD), Terrence (ADD)

Disabilities Observed
Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, ADD

Activities Observed
At the Denver Academy they use a method called: BLIS
Body- Natural Intelligence (for the athletes and dancers).
Logical- Linguistic and Quantitative (for the mathematicians).
Interpersonal- (for the extroverts).
Spatial- (for artists, musicians and performers).
The teacher also uses a ball to pass to the student that was speaking at the time.

Professional’s Role
The professional’s role as a teacher is to differentiate instruction in a way that benefits all students. This means you are flexible in how you teach. Students have options in how they take in your instruction. Remember learning profiles, establish goals and expectations and tasks, share goals with students, and be creative.

Insight Gained
The teachers are asking “How are you smart?” instead of “How smart are you?” We can’t control student’s traits of: Readiness, Interests, Learning Profile and Affect. By focusing on what we can control is how we can help influence them. Understand a student’s diagnosis and then rewrite it.