Demographic Information
“Chronicle” – A look at life today with Down Syndrome.
• During her 19th week of pregnancy Mary found out her baby had Down syndrome.
• Lauren found out 12 hours after her baby had been born that she had Down syndrome. Showed Laurens daughter Lucy in her classroom and in her house at age 9.
• 46 year old John, an advocate at MDSC, also lives in his apartment alone.
• Melissa, an intern and political “junky”, is now taking college classes.
• Christopher May of Newton, member of the council.
Students Observed
Lucy, John, Christopher, Melissa
Disabilities Observed
Down syndrome
Activities Observed
This video is about people with Down syndrome advocating for other people with Down syndrome. From pregnancy to full adulthood, people with Down syndrome are living longer and are living full lives and are involved even in the work force.
Professional’s Role
I believe the Professional’s in this video are not only the parents and teachers of the students with Down syndrome but those with Down syndrome themselves. Being advocates for others with their disabilities and standing up and fighting for themselves for equality makes them not only professionals but heroes in my eyes. These are people you can really look up to and learn from.
Insight Gained
Insight gained from this video would be people with these disabilities are living longer and fuller lives and some even on their own. Research has shown that we can now detect babies with Down syndrome while they are still in the womb, giving the parents even more time to adjust and prepare for the future of their child. Advocates of people with Down syndrome are pushing for equality and they are pushing for rights for more independence and aid.