Deep South: the southern states in America where slavery was prominent, working on plantations and serving their masters. Ration: a fixed amount of an object given to people during times of shortage or mistreatment. Eg, food rations given to slavesFeign: Slaves often highlighted or feigned disabilities to discourage their purchase, making them less appealing to masters.Perfidy: Slaves being perfidious or performing an act of perfidy ; deceitful, untrustworthy; eg running away Errand; a short journey in order to deliver or collect something; eg slaves were selected to perform errandsTraverse: travel across or through; eg slaves traversed from the south to the north in seek for freedomPrecedence: eg plantation owners took precedence over their slaves (someone being considered as more important than another)
Subservience: willingness to obey others unquestioningly. eg the slave's subservient nature..Delirium: an acutely disturbed state of mind characterised by restlessness, illusions etc. Eg Whitechapel suffered from deliriousness after the death of his son.Procure: to obtain with effort ; eg British ships would procure slaves