1, convert Cuttyhunk Bank from a federal charter to a state bank
2, merge with the small Harbor State Bank

Richard Wilson, CEO of Cuttyhunk Bank
Nacy Brock, the assistant treasurer
Poor communication
Brock's e-mail was improperly worded and provided inaccurate information and inappropriate direction to the branch managers
Discourage bank members to attend
The content of email is clear . state the loction time of the meeting , listed all issues that will be gone through.
Didn't disclose the fact that bank members will lose their voting rights after conversion to a state bank
Feel like to hide the truth and let the proposal pass without questions

I perceived the message from Wilson to Brock to be straight forward. The message I received was the members did not have to attend the meeting, and after reading Wilson's letter, I believe the issues were "clearly" stated. I also understood from Wilson's discussion with Brock that while it wasn't necessary for the members to attend the meeting, they could not be told NOT to attend.
I believe the April 25th letter was clear but omitted the fact that once the bank changed to a state charter, the depositors and borrowers would no longer be considered members with voting rights. If I were a bank member receiving the letter, I would have understood the issues to be discussed but would not have known that by opting for the charter conversion, that I would lose my voting right.

2. Did flaws in the use of content, logic, evidence, or argument lead to this problem? In hindsight, how should the bank have announced and explained the Special Meeting of the Members? What should have been the message and argument of the original letter of April 25? Display an improved message in the form of an argument model.
Yes, improper use of content, lack of evidence to support her statements, as well as illogical directives lead to the problem.
The bank should have had the meeting date and agenda posted on a moveable board within the bank lobby; copies of the letter should have been given with transaction receipts. The letter explaining the Special Meeting of the Members should have disclosed the fact that by opting for the Charter Conversion, the borrowers/depositors will no longer having voting rights.
Approval of the conversion of Cuttyhunk Bank from a federal savings bank to a state-chartered savings bank regulated by the Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks.
Individual impact of conversion to a state-chartered savings bank:
Depositors and borrowers will no longer be considered members with rights to attend meetings or vote on proposals.
The Merger with Harbor State Bank, 1234 Main Street, Roslindale.
The conversion to a state charter will enhance Cuttyhunk Bank's ability to serve its customers and remain a viable, competitive financial institution.
Both the conversion from federal to state charter and with merger with Harbor State Bank will strengthen Cuttyhunk Bank and allow for a stronger, more competitive institution.