David Pham Tran
AP Lit
Oct 5th
Summer Novel Reading - The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Persuasive Paragraph:

If you are trying to get woke, then you should definitely read this book. This book is a bit longer than four hundred pages but it is going to be worth your time. If you don't want to read the book, then the movie carries the same message just as breathtaking as the book. I'm not saying you should watch the movie instead of the book. I'm just trying to say that you should experience The Help one way or another. The Help brings some political aspects to readers due to its main take on African-Americans in the 60s. It also is a feel-good book because it gives readers a sense of justice being served in both meaningful and humorous ways. This book is a platform for minorities, especially African-Americans, to raise awareness about privilege and racism. The author didn't use many expansive and complex vocabularies, therefore, making the book very easy to read and understand. The reading level of this book is probably for 8th grade and up. You should read this book to expand your understanding of inequality in American.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor Paragraph:

The Help by Kathryn Stockett is the perfect illustration of the five quest elements.
The quester here is Skeeter, a Caucasian woman, trying to give oppressed African-American maids through her book. The second quest element could be when Skeeter sneak into the home where the maids gather. Skeeter sneaking into the home so she could interview the maids about their life for her book is the third element, the reason. The fourth element, challenges and obstacles, would be Hilly Brooks or the maids' refusal to be in the book at first. Hilly Brooks could be considered the main obstacle in the book because oppressors like her inflict fear upon the maids causing the to fear punishment for speaking against Caucasians. The final element is the real reason, the moral lesson, behind the journey. Skeeter learn that all these women have been suffering all their life and they have to keep it all to themselves. These women don't have a voice for themselves.