Date: 7 th March 2017
Subject: Math 080

Behavior of Successful Student
Who does not want to be successful in life? Success is what everybody in this world strive s to achieve, but not everybody can taste it because they do not know how. To be successful you must take some decisions, you must know what you want to accomplish and create a strategic plan as a guideline to get the ultimate results you want for your life. B een successful as a student will show you what determination and commitment can do; it will give you the trust you need to yourself to get anything you want in life. Success means to take control over your career, to accomplish your goals, but before you can have it you need to make your plan.
Hard work is the key to success, therefore for someone to be successful in everything, it requires a lot of devotion and attention. Succes s in a student is often measured by their grades, achievement s in school and behavior. I believe there is so much more to achieving success as a student.
As a successful student, I attend classes regularly, being actively involved in class activities, asking questions, complete my assignment when due, taking advantage of extra credit opportunities, manage my time effectively, set long and short term goals and use additional reso urces to solve problems. Successful students put their studies as their first priorities before any other thing which shows how important it is to them. So far, I believe I have shown some seriousness and dedication to my studies by giving my best.
In as much as I have done almost everything that makes a student successful, I think there ar e a lot more to do which include building a support system for myself, making out time to see my instructor outside the class, balancing home life, work, and school responsibilities.
In conclusion, plans are the blueprints for achieving goals. They are organized by sequence and priority and are the step by step list of what you will do. You can have motivations in life, you can have skills, but if you lack a plan you do not know what to do . Therefore, for a student to be successful, you need to first set your goals and have the ability to plan.