Crucibal GUIDE~~~~

Cast of Characters: For each of the following characters, write a brief description of
them including personality traits, what their relationship is to other characters, important
events they are involved in and anything else you feel is significant about them.
Reverend Parris ? He is the reverend and minister of Salem. He has many enemies in the neighborhood. He knows witchcraft well. As far as personality goes, he is self-conscious of his reputation in the community. He can act distrustful towards situations or events.
Betty Parris ? She is the daughter of Reverend Samuel Parris. Betty is a 10 year old little girl who dances in the woods with Tituba.
Tituba- She is a slave from Barbados. She is very eccentric (her personality). She is caught dancing in the woods and accused of being a witch.
Abigail Williams- Abigail is the niece of Reverend John. She used to be an employer for Mr. Proctor but Elizabeth, his wife fired her. Elizabeth found out Abigail was having an affair with John. Her personality is very intriguing because not only is she manipulative and smart, but she is a really good liar!
Susanna Walcott Susanna is one of the girls under Abigail uses. She basically puts her under her spell. Susanna joins in with Abigail to accuse different villagers as witches.
Mrs. Ann Putnam-She is married to Thomas Putnam, a wealthy man. Putnam gave birth to 8 kids but only one survived. The other children are speculated by Ann to have been killed supernaturally.
Thomas Putnam- Thomas is very wealthy. As we know, he desires more. He uses the witch trials to get more money when he accuses people of witchcraft just to buy their land.
Mary Warren- She is a servant for the Proctor?s. Mary is part of Abigail?s enchantment group. She is a shy and will go with the crowd very readily.

John Proctor ? John had an affair with Abigail. His wife, Elizabeth was furious when she found out. Thou Shalt not commit adultery is the only commandment he forgets which is ironic.
Rebecca Nurse- She was very godly. Her husband was Francis. Reverend Hale has doubt of the witch trials when Rebecca is accused . This is unexpected for most.
Giles Corey- he is a big supporter of his wife. He tries to prove her innocent. Later he is put into jail with John Proctor. Soon, he is stoned to death.
Reverend John Hale- he was a witch hunter. He was very judgmental and insistent. John was in the mid 40?s. He spends a lot of time in court.
Elizabeth Proctor- She is the wife of John Proctor. She caught him cheating on her with Abigail. She keeps this affair hush-hush because she certainly does not want it getting around town.
Francis Nurse- he is married to Rebecca Nurse. He fights for her innocence in court because he needs her. They own 300 acres of land together.
Ezekiel Cheever- he is an official in the court who has to arrest anyone accused; This is his primary job.
Marshal Herrick- he is the marshal in Massachusetts.
Judge Hathorne- Hathorne is the judge during the Salem Witch Trials. Hathorne makes heavy decisions in court.
Deputy Governor Danforth- he believes that he is led by God. His personality comes across as a little prideful. If one is innocent they have no worries; but if one is guilty??be afraid. He was the persecutor in the cases.
Hopkins- he is the jailor
Literary Examples: Describe an example in the text in which the following literary
terms are demonstrated.
I would say that the Crucible in itself is an allegory since it revolves around the idea of the communist witch hunt and it actually tells us the story of an actual witch hunt.
The tone is cynical, serious, and formal. Arthur Miller achieves this tone when he uses the mental struggles in the book.
John had an affair with Abigail. His wife, Elizabeth was furious when she found out. Thou Shalt not commit adultery is the only commandment he forgets which is ironic.
Another thing ironic is that the girls who are actually guilty of witchcraft are accusing everyone else..
Betty, Ruth, Abigail, and other girls dance with Tituba, the Barbados servant. They go into the woods, dance and are discovered. They are later accused of being witches.
When Reverend Hale is beginning to get disappointed, this foreshadows his later objection and rejection of the court?s actions.