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Ethics and Social Responsibility/ETH316

After reading the transcript from ABC News regarding the story “Blood Money” I realized that some people will see the story differently, some might find it offensive while others might not find it offensive.
The ethical issue concerning this article is the illegal kidneys and other organ sales that are going on in China and the USA. These kidneys and other organs are coming from incarcerated men and women who have been found guilty of some sort of crime and are being executed and their organs are being removed and sold on the black market. Morally everyone is different and the persons involved in this article have no morals. The persons selling the organs might see it as that the prisoners are being put to death anyway so they might as well help someone out that needs the organ. They should have given the prisoner the opportunity to make their own decision as to whether or not they wanted their kidneys or organs removed and not just taken them because of the money they received.
These people with direct interest in this illegal market have a lot of moral failings; the fact that you are doing this to make a profit and you see no wrong in what you are doing is failing. How many of these prisoners were put to death for minor crimes just to sell their body parts to the highest bidder. There is no respect for the lives of these prisoners.
The ideal in this black market is to make money and not letting it be known what is really going on in China or the USA. Their obligations are to continue to convict and execute these people so that they never run out of body parts to sell. They are screening these prisoners to make sure they are healthy enough to sell their parts to the persons that need them. This whole operation was welled planned. The sellers are looking at as though they are saving someone else life.
The best outcome in this given circumstances is that this black market selling is now know to all to view and make ethical judgments. This will make the ones think about what they will do when it comes time for making moral decision and well as the doctors and Chinese military who are involved.

In conclusion, after seeing China being exposed to other countries with this black market selling of body parts maybe this will get China to be more moral when it comes to making decision about executing these prisoners for their organs for money. The selling of organs will never go away as long as people are willing to pay for them and only care about their selves.

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