Critical Thinking Reflection

Briana Thomas
DATE \@ "M/d/yyyy" 2/6/2017
HUM 115 Week 5

Have you ever just wondered if it would really be worth it to get a college education or to just settle for an everyday jo b and barely get by? I know there are plenty of factors that play a part in deciding to go to school for another four years but you have to make huge step in deciding. In all decisions you make there will be positives and negatives to getting a college degree to better your self. Obtaining your college degree is an important step, both personally and professionally. You have to consider the financial, social and cultural benefits of higher education; it is easy to see how a degree can make a big difference in your life and career. So once you began to weigh out all your options of why you would choose to obtain your college education; you have to start putting a plan together to execute it. You start applying for colleges, deciding on a major, and then you began studying your major. Finally, after you graduate you will begin to see the reasons behind going to get a college education. Having a step process in deciding to get a college education will make you understand why you made the decision in your best interest.
The critical thinking process is about knowing how to ask the right question when applying for jobs after graduating college. You have to know how to ask companies what are their education requirements are and then determine if you meet those requirements with the amount of education you have. If you meet those requirements then apply for the job and then you will see that obtaining a college degree was worth the while. I can use my critical thinking in any area researching and in determining which career field to pick to major in as well . The more I know about any issue it will be much easier to understand and create an d decide on i t. With all that I have learned in this course will help me to be more analytical and always collab orate all of the information in the future to apply in my life and any situation that I may encounter . You can use critical thinking for just about anything; in fact it would be beneficial to use crit ical thinking for all problems or concerns, this way you view all possible ways to get a solution to problems I think the best way to continue to use critical thinking in the future is to never forget to ask plenty of questions and to inquire for answers. You can never go wrong with wanting to search and find any solutions to problems. This way you have more information to make the best decision possible.