Critical Thinking and Ethics

Ethics and Social Responsibility/ETH316

The relationship between critical thinking and ethics can be strong at times and can be weak at times. Critical thinking plays huge role in ethics because it is the process by which we determine whether or not something is right or wrong. Critical thinking is a form of fiction and identifying the unknown and it helps develop a mental process of evaluation which helps determine their ethical standards.

Critical thinking can be used for ethical reasoning, the relationship in both of these relate to judging and observing things. Critical thinking is very active in the process of communication, problem solving and evaluation for both individually and community to support decision making and guide action. Without ethics many people will make bad or poor decision.

If everyone in society followed the rules and guidelines of logic, I think that there would still be need for ethical decision making. The biggest aspect of our society should be to treat everyone fair. An example would be the To Drill or Not to Drill video, you have the government wanting to drill and put trucks and gas wells where the wildlife roam. The community is trying not to get the land turned to an industrial landscape with 10,000 rigs sitting on the land. The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for balancing the uses of public lands and is often caught in the crossfire. But many are worried that BLM employees are under intense pressure from the government to move things along and the BLM are in uncomfortable position of not knowing if they will lose their jobs if they go along with the community. Now this to me is not good critical thinking using ethics because the employees are thinking with emotions and not logic and the government is using their powers to get the rigs on the land.

In conclusion, the relationship between critical thinking and ethics should always come hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other and come up with a fair decision.

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