By: Theodore Kirk

As I take a critical look at the causation of crimes committed by Charles Manson and how to apply some of the theories of causation involved as they relate to this man I can come across several theories: Theories such as; The Strain Theory, Social Learning Theory, Control Theory, and Labeling Theory.
In my research paper I will be applying these theories to Charles Manson in an attempt to explain some possible reasons to his madness and killing sensation within his life as well as the lives of others involved. (The Manson Family)
Charles Manson (1934) was born in Cincinnati, Ohio by a single mother Kathleen Maddox who was too young (16 years old) to take care of his upbringing needs, making Manson to wander from relative’s homes and some institutions, which exposed him to engage in delinquency at a tender age of nine, escaping various times to engage in burglary. He established the Manson Family during the 1960s in California as an ex-convict, who was jobless and had participated in correctional centers due to engagement in various crimes. Manson is a convicted serial murderer since he used his family to execute brutal killings, but there lacks evidence to implicate him with direct murder charges due to conspiracy and his “ Helter Skelter” concepts.
Manson is termed to have led a cult whom he brainwashed into killing eight individuals i.e. Tate-LaBianca killing spree.
Criminal Engagement and Incarcerations:
He was detained in Natural Bridge Camp where he sodomized a boy in 1952 and charged with homosexual assault, moved to a federal reformatory in Virginia where he was termed dangerous and implicated with various crimes. He was taken to a federal reformatory at Chillicothe, Ohio, which was a bit safer. He won a parole in 1954 after he proved to have reformed. He was released and preceded to stealing cars as a teenager in 1956, was incarcerated and later set free in 1958. He never stopped engaging in crime since the he continued stealing. This earned him ten years’ incarceration, where he learnt how to play guitar, composed his music and aspired to be a famous musician. By this time, he had spent most of his life being imprisoned and became used to the jails and reformatory centers as home.
After his release in 1967, he went to San Francisco and several people followed him in South California, where he tried to record music to no avail. This frustrated him and moved to Spahn Ranch to form the Manson Family. Manson could not only manipulate individuals, but also foresaw a race war for blacks against whites to ensue in 1969, maintaining that those who followed him would be secure. When the prediction failed, he and his family members began to engage in various killings.
After investigation, he and his members were put under arrest and tried in 1970, being guilty of first degree murder as well as conspiracy. Manson was sentenced under capital punishment in 1971. He was charged and found guilty of conspiracy of several killings that had occurred from the Manson Family members under the joint-responsibility rule (Rule 22). The murders were famous for “Helter Skelter”, the concept of apocalyptic race war, which precipitated the killings and connecting him with pop culture as a symbol of violence and as well as insanity. After he was found guilty and convicted his music was released. He was sentenced to death but earned a life imprisonment following the Supreme Court of California to suspend death penalty sentences. Even after its reinstatement, he was not affected since he is now serving a life imprisonment at Corcoran State Prison.

Charles Manson and Theoretical Schools of Crime Causation
The Classical Theory:
This theory maintains that punishment as well as deterrence establishes the perception of crime control. Individuals engage in deviant behavior by applying free will hence are entirely responsible for their behaviors. Consequently, Charles Manson is now serving a life sentence due to his deviance. Classical theory implicates the free will as well as a rational mind of the criminal. Therefore, people are made aware of their natural rights to control human behavior.
The Sociological Theory:
They substantiate the perspective of rehabilitation. The social learning theory shows Manson learnt deviance in his early childhood from his mother, who was incarcerated when