Consumerism is known for the use of purchasing of goods and services worldwide. Everyone is considered a consumer. People buy products and services on a daily basis especially when it comes to technology or something new to the market. The introduction of the internet has revolutionized the way business is performed and how consumers buy and sell products. Most people that lives in the urban areas tend to buy more products and services therefore production increases.

Since the 1980?s our consumption has increased with the introduction of personal computers and credit cards along with a large amount of other products like the flat screen television with bluray or 3d.

Many people have become dependent on products like the computer and services such as cable television and cell phone usage. Most of them cannot survive without these material things especially buying clothes. There also has been an increase in building factories and that can pollute the environment including people as well. Other countries such as the united states construct factories so that their country won?t be polluted but studies show that pollution comes right back in the united states. The smoke that comes from the factory goes in the air and causes air pollution also the smoke goes in one direction and travel to other countries causing smog and releases toxic chemicals like carbon dioxide.

Take the iphone for example; it was introduced in June 2007 and version 4 was just released in 2010. It is known to have technical issue with the antenna but that didn?t stop consumers from lining up overnight to buy this item. There are many other products that are similar. People buy this item because of how popular it is or someone or a friend told them about it and how cool it is. It is known to be the most updated and hottest thing on the market so consumers didn?t stop to think about the problem they may experience.

Consumers want to have the latest product that is in style. They feel that keeping up with society is crucial so they won?t become outdated or teased. Consumerism is ever expanding in developed nations and is even increasing in some emerging countries whose economies are expanding as well.

Do we really need everything we buy? Maybe we should look at the good old days of the 50?s and slow down a little. Not only will it help our finances but it will also help the environment. We can help by recycling, stop the cutting down of trees and disposing of garbage more properly by building compost heap and less burning of garbage.

Consumerism is a necessity if we want economies to keep going but how much is too much? If consumers keep spending at such a fast pace is anyone really going to benefit from an expanding economy if it is not sustainable? We need to stop being defined by what we have and start being seen for who we are and what we do.