Code of Ethics

March 7, 2014

Code of Ethics
1. Honesty: We will be honest in the way in which we deal with each other, our vendors and suppliers, and our customers even when honesty may result in financial loss.
a. I chose this one because I believe that customers appreciate an honest business.
2. Community Involvement: We will be involved in community activities to support and encourage clean neighborhoods, crime control, and overall community advancement as a way of showing our appreciation of our community and customers. Community involvement activities must be approved by management in advance.
a. I chose this one because it builds a good reputation and shows the business is concerned with more than just profits.
3. Social Responsibility: We will be socially responsible by abiding by all local, state and federal laws and regulations regarding the operation of our business.
a. I chose this one because it also builds a good reputation and it is the right way to do business.
4. Discrimination: We will not discriminate in our hiring or promotion practices against anyone regarding race, color, gender, nationality, religion, or age.
a. I chose this one because it is illegal to discriminate.
5. Vendors/Suppliers: We will only do business with vendors and suppliers that operate in a legal and socially responsible manner.
a. I chose this one because if associated with a corrupt business, we could be guilty by association.
6. Work/Life Balance: We recognize that our employees’ families are important and will provide set work schedules so that our employees have the necessary balance in which to have quality time to support and enhance those relationships.
a. I chose this one to show the employees that the business cares about them.