COAS Freshman Seminar Fall 2017 Co-Curricular Activity Mbongi Form

Name: Beloved Adenuga ID:@02843339 Class Day: Tuesday

Event Title: National Book Festival
Event Day/Time/Location: Saturday/9:30 am/ Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Event assessment (1-10): 9
Presenter(s)' effectiveness (1- 10): 8
Relation to Course Objectives (1-10): 10

7188209525000 Would you attend another event on this topic or sponsored by the organizers of this event?
I would definitely attend another event sponsored by the organizers of this event: Library of Congress
Summarize this co-curricular activity in one paragraph.

This co-curricular activity, National Book Festival, organized by Library of Congress is a celebration of books and the joy of reading and it gives opportunities to those that attend to meet with award-winning authors, illustrators, poets who will give a brief analysis about their written or graphic novels. These authors also give answers to people's questions about their work and get their books signed.

What contemporary topics were discussed at this activity?

Claire Messud explains that her book, the burning girl, presents the intense friendship between females and how their friendship tend to dissolve as they approach adulthood. The book tells a story about two girls, Julia and cassie who were from completely different backgrounds but they were very close while in elementary school but as time passed the girls eventually were separated into different sub-groups of school classes, friend choices, and questions of mistrust. They appear to drift in and out of each other's lives and stark differences in maturity start to rise.

Indicate by region some material (concepts, figures, events) mentioned or discussed today:
United States
Caribbean/Latin America

List two new things (in terms of intellectual work) you thought about at this activity.
1. According to Claire Messud: We are made up of all the stories that we take in consciously or unconsciously and when we approach scenarios we bring them all up into applications. So, I thought that if I fill myself with lots of information I will be vast and able to tackle a more difficult challenges that comes my way.

2. I also got the motivation from Claire Messud that whenever I have the chance to do something I should try to do something that I have never done before

What could the presenter(s) have done better to assist your learning experience?

The Presenter could have tried to add humor to the presentation. The burning girl is a fictional work so if she gave more illustrations on how her book expresses reality it would have assisted my learning experience.

What could you have done to improve your learning experience today?

I could have arrived at the event center earlier so that I could listen to more authors. I could have tried not to fall asleep during the presentation so that I would gain more from the speaker.

Relate the event to at least two objectives for this course, as outlined on the syllabus.
1. One of the objectives for this course is that it helps to provide necessary tools to make the best of one's experiences at Howard. An avenue to meet with lots of authors is something that brings joy and will create good memory of Howard University.
2, This event has also made me more knowledgeable because I was able to gain new things that prepares me to be able to face challenges ahead. This is in relation to the course objective since the course is intended to nurture one's quest and prepare one to engage critical global issues from an informed perspective.