Climate Change
Crystal Lang
September 21, 2015
AR Fiano

Climate Change
Over the past few decades there has been serious concerns with the climate changes that have been happening to the planet. Natural climate changes occurs because a balance between energy from the sun is entering and leaving the planets system. When the incoming energy from the sun is absorbed by the Earth system the Earth will naturally get warm. When the sun\'s energy is reflected back into space by clouds or other natural occurrences, the Earth will not absorb energy and will start to cool. Because the energy is released back into space.
Other than natural changes to the climate we have the usual suspects and that is the ever growing human population on the planet. Most of the climate changes today are blamed on global warming caused by the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gasses are caused from carbon dioxide being put into the air causing the reflection of the suns energy and can cause cooling of the planet. The opposite is occurring now because the greenhouse gasses are holding in the suns energy causing the planet to warm up. The vast growth of the human population and our use of bio-fuels, is emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere causing the greenhouse gasses to have a negative effect on the earth\'s natural climate changes. (McCarthy)
These two articles did not change my opinion on the climate changes because for years we have learned about global warming and the causes of climate changes. I did know that there was natural causes and human error involved with todays climate changes. I think all of the articles that I read will all have the same or similar stories as to the two I read today. The only argument out there is if our global warming our fault this time or are we in the climate cycle where the planet warms up, glaciers melt and we start moving into the water world of the days of Noah.

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