What is the argument for God’s existence from the principle of “cause and effect”?
The greater the effect, the greater the cause. Universe is complex, and so must the cause -which has the capability of making something out of nothing. It is someone not something. We call the intelligent powerful creator God who is the cause of the living and the inanimate.

But who caused God? Its an never ending chain, so assume that someone has no cause but is the ultimate cause of all, living and inanimate. Ultimate some is a being who simply is, therefore, has no cause = God.

What is the central mystery of the Christianity?
Mystery of the Trinity. 3 persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) = one God.

What did Jesus reveal to us about the mystery of the Father?
Jesus reveals the face of God as a Father. Jesus reveals the profound unity of himself with the Father for he states that he and the Father are one. Jesus reveals the deep benevolence of the Father.

What did Jesus reveal to us about the mystery of the Holy Spirit?
Holy Spirit sent to us by Father and Son as a “paraclete” (someone always by our side to be our advocate/advisor. Mission=teach us truth and remind us what jesus said and did.

How does the Church express her trinitarian faith?
By professing belief in the oneness of God in whom there are three Persons. 3 persons = 1 God b/c each equally posses fullness of the indivisible divine nature. Father -> son, Son <- father, Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father & Son. THEY ARE ALWAYS ONE, NEVER SEPARATE.

How do the three divine Persons work?
Are inseparable in activity, will and their one substance.

Theologically, what does it mean to create?
To make something out of nothing.

May Catholics accept the Big Bang theory as the origin of the universe?
Yes, but with qualifications. The matter and energy causing the Big Band is created by God, all powerful supreme being.

May Catholics believe the theory of evolution?
Yes, as long as we acknowledge that the development is accomplished under the guidance of God, the author of life. Our human soul is specially created.

What were the names of our first parents? Adam and Eve

What was the relationship of Adam and Eve with God, their Creator? Placed his prized creatures within a garden of paradise. God would walk with them, indicating a close friendship.

What was the sin of our first parents? Disobedience and the desire to be equal to God.

What does God walking with Adam and Eve tell us about their relationship? The were friends

After the sin, why did Adam and Eve hide? They realized they were naked and felt shame. Cause of shame = disobedience

What punishment does God inflict upon Adam and Eve? God banishes them from the Garden of Paradise. Friendship broken. We need reconciliation with God. We need a savior, someone who can reopen the gates of Paradise.

Is it necessary for God to reveal Himself so that we can know him? Yes, for us to know god, he must reveal himself.

After Adam and Eve, Who does God reveal himself to? Abraham, father of all believers, friend of God.

By what name does Abraham call God? El-Shadai, in hebrew -Might One or Almighty

Who taught us to call God “father”? Jesus.

10 commandments

What is Jesus’ name in Hebrew and what does it mean? Yeshuah-Yahweh saves/Yahweh’s salvation

What does Yahweh mean and to whom was it revealed? I AM WHO I AM. God revealed it to Moses in the burning bush. God’s name never spoken aloud by Jews.

What does it mean when we call Jesus “Christ”?
Greek =Christos, Latin-Christus which means Messiah in Hebrew, which means Anointed one. He is the anointed/chosen one.

If Jesus is God’s Chosen One how should I respond to him? To follow him

How do I follow Jesus? Live life according to what Jesus said/did. and to remember all he said/did.

What do we mean when we call Jesus Son of God? He comes from the Father for all eternity and hence his son.

Is Jesus begotten of God, made, or created?
Jesus comes from the father only, He is not made nor created. He is the “Creator”But his human nature is “made” from his mother mary and his soul is created by God.

What does it mean to call Jesus “Lord”? To profess that he is