Christmas Myths

Romie Walker


January 27, 2016
Irene Blundell

Christmas the Myth versus Fact

Even though millions of people believe Christmas should be celebrated
on December 25th, this originated as a pagan holiday because Jesus was not
born on this day.
Why do People Celebrate Christmas on December 25th
Why millions of people celebrate Christmas on December 25t? Most
people no matter their cultural background do things based on tradition,
what their parents and their parents, parents did before them. The Bible
offers few clues about the celebrations of Jesus Nativity, they are not
mentioned in the Gospels or Acts, the date is not given, not even the time
of year. (McGowen, 2002.) However Millions of people have adopted December
25th, as Jesus birthday. Snyder (2014 p.3) "In 2014 The National Retail
Federation said that 90% of Americans would be celebrating Christmas and
projected some 600 Billion Dollars been spent just on Christmas.". All in
the name of Jesus! John 2:15 Brings out the account of Jesus driving men
out his father\'s temple for using his name for financial gain using a whip
he made out of cords, and over turning the tables of money. We can clearly
see the way views the misuse of his name for profit.
The date of Jesus Birth has been a question for centuries. There are no
records of Jesus birthday. However, let\'s take a look at the some of the
clues that\'s given in recorded account. "And she gave birth to her first to
her first born and wrapped him in a manger because there was no place for
them in the inn. And in the same region there were shepherds out in the
field, keeping watch over their flock by night." (Luke 2:78). In the book
of Luke it states that during the time conception, herder were out on in
the court yard looking over the heard. December is the month known for its
freezing temperatures, which is literally the time of year that a herders
would be seeking shelter to keep him and his flock warm.
Would you consider December 25th to be a pagans Holiday? After further
research it was noted that this day was created by the Christians to
convert pagans who don\'t believe in Jesus to Christians. Let\'s see how!
Originally December 25th was a holiday celebrated in many homes, a time for
feasting good will, generosity to the poor, the exchange of gifts and
decorating of trees. However it was not Christmas that was a festival call
saturnalia, the uncaptured. A pagan Roman winter solstice festival
(Salisbury, 2009). Pagan and Christianity had always had their differences
in beliefs. Do the fact that Jesus is not part of a pagan\'s faith, and
being Christian. To be a Christian you have to accept Jesus and your savior
and Christ a compromise that created to convert pagans to Jesus Christ thus
December a pagan holiday celebrated by pagans already also created by
Christmas as the original date of Jesus birth. December 25th the comprise
with Paganism". (Walsh, 1970, p.62)

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