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` Christmas

Holiday was very big for me growing up but my favorite holiday was Christmas in the anticipation leading up to it was amazing I couldnít even sleep the night before on the other hand the preparation for Christmas morning was great and the day before Christmas spending the day at Grandmaís house watching NBA games and playing in the backyard with my cousins before every family dinner, Chelsea give us a family prayer to bless the food.

Christmas time is fun to enjoy the company of my family. It all starts on the day of Christmas Eve, I wake up in the morning and I prepare myself to clean up the house. This process takes a good two hours to clean the whole house. Then when the house is clean that's when my family starts to come over. The time I share with my family is the time we talk about old stories that has happen to our lives throughout the year. My family loves to cook a whole lot of fatting foods like tamales. Tamales is like a big tradition during Christmas, it's a long process to make tamales so it's the best time for my mother and aunts to catch up on gossip. While I am waiting for the tamales to be cooked I am usually on the phone with my friend's trying to find out where all the Christmas parties are at.

Christmas was big for me growing up the anticipation for Christmas was out this world. Praying on Christmas eve night right before I go to sleep. Giving Sanata my Christmas list in November so I can be the first house he stop too. I just knew I was going to get everything because I was a good boy leading up to Christmas. I look Christmas and my anticipation as a kid, I was very exticed for Christmas I had. Around midnight is when we gather in the living room to open our gifts. Then after I clean up the mess from all the gifts. My friends start to come over to my house. Most of the time they usually come over because they just got to bored at home. I don't mind having my friend's over at my house when I am spending some time with my family. This is good because I don't have to leave my house to early to just be with my friends. After an hour or so that has pasted by at home, my phone is ringing off the hook. All my friends seem to call early on Christmas Day, they are only calling to see what I got from Christmas.

Not only then the anticipation change for me so did the household preparation when I was kid growing up after thanksgiving we start to set up our fake Christmas tree that we had since I was a baby. The Christmas tree we had to put it together part by part at end you could have tell itís wasnít real after we put the Christmas tree up we put the light around the tree that sing to us once we hit the button really get annoying after a while drive you so crazy make you want unplug the light so it would stop sing and then come to the outside preparation we had to put the Santa and The deer and light around bushes we did all that as family which mean itís just me and my dad while my sister and my mom sit back watch us and boss us around while we doing it. Our outside preparation was the easy part but the part which just want to take break because you be working on the inside of the house and the Christmas tree.

Iím older now so when come to household preparation we donít do anything no more but the Christmas tree that we still have and try put light around it we stopped doing the Christmas preparation once I became a freshemen in high school and My sister was a junior in high school I miss the days when we the took the household preparation serious as a family.

When come down to Christmas dinner after opening up all of our Christmas