Adeline is much stronger and wiser person at the end of this book. To what extent do you agree?
Introduction: Adeline Yen Mah is a young girl in the autobiography “Chinese Cinderella” where she tells her life story and her struggles she goes through. In the novel she explains how she got through hard situations and how she managed to become a stronger and wiser person. It all started when she was blamed for the death of her mother resulting in total rejection by her siblings, father and stepmother. At the end of the novel, she shows that she had become a stronger and wiser person through the cold experiences and that through the help of her school friends and her family she was able to apply for University.
Body Paragraph 1: When finding out that she was going to university she knew she had grown into a stronger and wiser person. For Adeline going to University only showed her how much wiser she had gotten. Her father was shown this when she won the playwriting competition. He offered her a trip to medical school in England. She was wiser, and being wiser gave her positivity for a positive future. She didn’t know that she had become wiser until she had written the winning story. It had only showed her that she had grown in knowledge and strength and from all the years of listening. After winning the competition it showed Adeline’s father that not only had she gotten stronger but had gotten wiser as a woman. His years of discipline payed off and from all the wisdom he was showed from her he wanted her to be a doctor which acquired a lot of attention and knowledge which Adeline had. So going to University from being offered showed her that she had only become wiser over the years of her struggling. She had gained knowledge and wisdom and had become a wise woman.
Body Paragraph 2: After PLT’s death Adeline had definitely become a stronger person. She had built up her self-esteem as a young girl after PLT’s incident. She had only become stronger to make PLT proud. This made her determined and confident. When PLT had died, Adeline had built up her confidence because she had made a promise to her duckling. She knew that the only way she could fulfil it she would have to be strong and move on. Third brother also noticed that she was trying to become stronger because of the way she acted towards his death. He knew she would make it because she had a hope. Her promise to PLT was that “whatever happens, we must never let them win.” (pg.98) This promise meant that she would fight back no matter what happened. Third Brother noticed she had become stronger because he decided to go to the funeral with her and started then on supporting her. Therefore, PLT’s death gave her a self-esteem boost and a strength boost. She had ended up building these qualities so that she could fulfil the promise that she could never break.

Body Paragraph 3: When Adeline won the playwriting competition, she knew that she had gotten wiser because of the academic excellence. The confidence boost from her friends and loving close ones they had lifted her back up and given her confidence in knowing she had gotten wiser. Her wisdom showed when she won the playwriting competition. When her father had appreciated her for her excellence she had confidence in knowing she had gotten wiser. Her father showed her that in offering for her to go to England to study for a doctor’s certificate. Her knowledge from keeping to herself and listening had ended up wither her being ready for the future. Her confidence boosted when her father had offered for her to go to England Going there only told her that she had gotten wiser. Her father had shown that to her. Therefore, when she won the playwriting competition, her confidence advanced forward and only confirmed to her that she had gotten stronger and wiser.
Conclusion: Throughout her difficult life, Adeline learnt to face different situation that changed her life for the better. In the novel, she shows through her writing that