Child Studies Meeting (4 -7 age year)
Traditional Mask Making from Specific Country (Idea 1)-Below the iceberg-(What other countries see as beautiful e.g. Africa - Feathers, Geisha- White/pale)-(Different mask are made to show different ideas of beauty)-Make a mask from a specific country-e.g. African Masks, Japanese Geisha Mask-(Development: Cognitive and motor: Children learn arts and crafts, as well as Country well known connotations)
Music from Around the world (Idea 2)-Below the ice burgs-(Helps with physical development as well as learn about different country music)-(curtesy and manners)-(Everyone can take turns each)-Musical chairs-Good for settling the kids down
Memory Games (Idea 3)-Above the ice berg because- (because they will have to know it before hand)-(Development: cognitive: Helps with memory and teaches children about the countries along the way)- (Game breakdown: Which country is ‘this\' from)
Who am I Game (Idea 4)-Above the ice berg-(Development: )-(Game idea: -Describe the country and guess ‘who is who\'? with head bands of countries on them)
Child Points out where they are born and place their name tag on the place (Idea 5)- Above the ice berg-Everybody can see that everybody is born from different places-(understanding of other cultures)-Only if we get older children -Younger kids might not know where they are from -(Depending on what age group of kids we get)