Child labor is a worldwide issue but particularly in developing countries. I have chosen this topic due to my interest on children’s rights. I have found it very cruel to force little children to work while childhood is a critical time for healthy human development.
What is child labor?
Child labour is defined as employment of children in an early age 5-17, under hazardous conditions. Not all works are defined as child labor and only it can be called Child labor when the conditions under which it is performed and the time that it takes is not suitable for child depending on their age or ability. Statistics have shown that currently Eritrea, Somalia are the top the latest list for countries where child labour is most prevalent. Throughout the research that UNICEF has done there is an estimation of 150 million children aged 5-14 in developing countries were involved in child labour in 2011. Of these children, the international labour organisation (ILO) estimates that 60% work in agriculture.
Key point one:
There are many forms of child labour worldwide and the main reason for its occurrence is poverty. Children are to pay off debts incurred by parents and grandparents or in many instances children are orphans and have no place to go. Therefore nowadays there are many children who are employed by child traffickers in different areas such as agricultural labor, mining, manufacturing, domestic service, types of construction, scavenging and begging on the streets. Most child laborers do not receive protection and when they get ill or injured not only their regular wage but also their cost of treatment is not received. In fact child traffickers violate children’s right by employing them with unfair wages and in some cases just providing them food. In this case children’s lack of knowledge let child traffickers to continue their crime.
Key point two: impacts
The impacts of Child labor is vast. As we all know the fact that all of our development such as physical, cognitive (thought/learning) and behavioral happens during our childhood therefore it is a critical time for us. In this age children need should be taken into consideration more than any other time in order for them to have a healthy and safe development. Unfortunately Child Laborers miss out on this opportunity. Many of these children work under hazardous conditions and these hazards and risks affects adults and for sure more strongly children. These risks cause last-longing injuries and lack of physical development essentially on brain development while working in a place surrounding with poisonous gases like manufactories. These children may also suffer from mental pain from working and living in an environment where they are harassed or experience violence and abuse. In addition, child labor affect child’s future as their chance of education is denied and later on as adults they have little chance of obtaining a decent job and escaping the cycle of poverty.
United nation has said that "All of the worst forms of child labor must be eradicated. Child labor not only violates human rights but also the natural foundation of a serious threat to the future social and economic development. Trade, competition and economic efficiency should not be an excuse for the violence. "(The declaration of employment and decent work / Board of Directors of the United Nations. Geneva 2007)
I strongly agree with this quote. I believe that communities across the world should take this issue into earnest consideration so that the steps taken towards child labour would bring an end to this issue which has been recognised as a social problem. I feel the best way to abolish child labour is to abolish poverty as long as it is the main cause of this issue. The other way to alleviate child labour is to have stronger government intervention.

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