Chapter 9 Meeting Technology

The introduction to technology can have impacts on the meetings, convention, and expositions industry. In this information age, technology becomes an indispensable part of our lives and it is very valuable and important to the meetings, convention, and expositions industry. Technology such as overhead projectors, telecommunications and computerized meetings can enhance meeting presentations and it can further affect meetings which is in the planning stages as the meeting planners can discover the invaluable capabilities of the technology advances and building relationship with the attendees with the availability of technology.
The types of technology available to the meetings, conventions, and expositions industry includes visual presentation and projection media such as overhead and slide projectors and non-projection media and they can enhance the impression and retention if audience can see and hear the information. Technologies would be electronic writing boards, teleconferencing and closed- circuit television. Also, people will use video recordings in the meetings, conventions, and expositions The major disadvantages of technology is the cost, yet using technology in this industry is the key to success. Using independent audiovisual supplier for company to provide services needed for the meetings, conventions, and expositions by themselves is popular nowadays.The use of LCD panel, videoconferencing and three-dimensional imagery is also a popular technology now. Moreover, technology makes the work of meeting planning more easily and convenient and also saves the time for planning. Also, the promotional videotapes, fax machines and E-mail is very useful for successful planning.
For how the technology can help the meeting attendee, the business center which is most likely for business travelers, telecommunication technology and computerized check-in and check-out contributed a lot for making meetings more successful.Thus, the introduction of technologies into the meetings, conventions, and expositions industry can enhance and enrich this industry and hence all areas in this industry can be impacted by the technologies used as it can provide outstanding services and further affect the future development of the meetings, conventions, and expositions industry.
Chapter 10: changes affecting the meetings and conventions industryThere are three factors that affect the attendees to join a meeting, convention or exposition or not. The first factor is information and understanding about the payback for their time and money Second, is their expectation of how the meeting will enable them to grow personally or to allow them to indulge themselves and spend on quality activities or to allow them to do serious business. The last factor is the consideration of the area of service. Yet, the main reason for people to meet is to educate themselves and for building network. Since being a city for holding meeting, convention or exposition can generate huge amount of revenue, so big cities as well as the small cities want people to hold meeting in their cities. Also, they will invest in services and products to enhance their images. Spending money to have investment on expanding the current facilities, public transportation and airport access or develop the new one to equip themselves better and make travelers move conveniently. Also, promoting local tourist attractions can make the city more attractive for group business. On the other hand, the advantage of small cities is that they are cheaper than the big city to hold meetings and to do business in.
Moreover, education is an indispensable part of the meeting, convention or exposition industry and the role of education continues to become a dominator in this industry into the next millennium. And educating the people to have professional mindsets and professionalism behavior is important to attend success in this industry as well as developing future leaders.

The enhancement of technology, training and other skills needed to be a major strategy for the professional and trade association in the future. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the organization, it is important to have an international visions and missions in this globalized industry. Finally, we need to discuss about the logistic of planning an international meeting. We need to have a local host or host organization for handling the details of the event with a good communication and contact the tourism board about it. Also the registration of the event is needed and we should think of the security issues to enable