Chapter 16: Compare and Contrast Since the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln was discussed in this chapter, I decided to compare it to the other most known presidential assassination in history, that of John F. Kennedy . Lincoln met his end at the hand of John Wilkes Booth on the night of April 14th in 1865 with a gunshot to the back of the head and nearly a century later the same fate would befall Kennedy. On November 22nd, 1963 a man named Lee Harvey Oswald murdered President Kennedy while he was riding in a parade in Dallas. The lives of these two men seemed to have quite a number of similarities; both served in the military, were directly concerned with civil rights, and weirdly enough were elected into office a century apart. Due to their unpopular ideals they were especially hated during their presidencies by those who opposed them and were usually in great danger. Although it would seem that neither president was very worried about the fact their lives were constantly in danger, as they were said to have been smiling and enjoying life until the end. The scenes of both assassinations were by no means what one would expect to be those of a murder, being in a theatre and a motorcade precession. Although some have described the " out in the open " locations to have been the real undoing of both men. Since no one would really think a person would have the gaul to commit such an act in public, and perhaps this is why the assassinations were so successful. It is said that both presidents each had a secretary who advised them against going to the place of their demise, however both men went anyway. Kennedy even turned down the encouraged protection of a " bubble top" vehicle because he wanted to be able see the people of Dallas while riding through the streets. With this in mind it can be concluded that the presidents were probably a bit stubborn and that turned out to be a literal fatal flaw for the both of them. History is certainly one of my favorite subjects and the presidents in particular have always drawn my interest, especially Lincoln and JFK. The first time I heard the stories of these particular presidents, I had to say their lives stood out to me from the rest. They were both so unprecedented and exciting compared to their predecessors, but sadly that would end up causing their downfall. The fact that both of them tried so hard to turn the country into something better, only to be killed by prejudiced morons was such a waste. I thought that comparing and contrasting the assassinations of these two men would prove interesting and informative, and I was not wrong.