Advanced Organizer 1 - Chapter 1: Exceptionality and Special Education
Directions: As you review this week\'s assigned readings, please complete the Advance Organizer to focus on key points. Submit the completed Advance Organizer in the Assignment tab in Blackboard.

Before I read, here are my thoughts:
What do I already know about exceptionality and special education in a few words (you can list terms or share a few experiences you\'ve had)?
I already know that special education is a very difficult field to be in, it takes a lot of patience and time, and effort.
What questions do I have?
I would like to understand how to teach in a special education class for so many different students.
Rating my knowledge:
Please rate your knowledge before you read using this scale:
I don\'t feel like I know anything about this topic.
I\'ve heard some of the terms, but couldn\'t tell you what they mean
I feel fairly comfortable with the key concepts, but want to know more.
I know all about this, and could teach this section.
I would say that I am a 2, I have heard of special education and when I was in high school I would help out a little in our special ed class. I also have a new step brother who is 7 and has autism so I am learning as I go with him.
As I read, here are my thoughts:
Main Topic -
You will find information about the main topic in the textbook or materials listed.
Key Points -
in this column, add your own thoughts. This should be a summary of what you have learned and does not need to be in complete sentences (bullet points, etc are fine). You do not have to cite sources as long as you are using the sources given in the course.
Disability - what does this term mean and how should it be used?
Disability should only be used for someone who has a mental illness that stops them or makes it difficult for this person to learn.
Handicap - what is the history of this word? Should it be used? What terminology should be used instead?
Handicap is for people who have physical disabilities but is because of an accident that has made them that way.
Prevelance - what does this word mean in terms of special education? Why does this word matter, and how should you use prevalence data?
Prevalence is basically just a percentage of students who are in special education classes throughout the years.
How would you explain Special Education to someone new to our culture?
Special Education is something that is very important for our society, it helps people who have a difficult time learning, or as simple as how to function in their life. This is a life changing class for these people.
What does the term "Inclusion" mean?
Inclusion from what I understand is combining students with mental illnesses with students who do not.
Describe the Education for All Handicapped Children Act and why it is important
Education for handicapped is important because it gives them the opportunities they deserve.
Define the key points of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). In this section, share the key components of IDEA (describe in your own words). Be sure to include language you would use with a family who was new to special education

What changes where made to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) from IDEA?
One of the changes that was made was to create programs so that people with disabilities were able to be active and live life as if they didn\'t have disabilities
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
ADA is the organization that helps put together all of the activities for people with disabilities to participate in.
What information in this chapter is new to you? Share at least 2 points.
I had never heard of ADA
I also did not know what the word inclusion meant.
What information do you feel is key to explain to other educators?
Special Education is not easy, you have to really love it to be able to become a teacher.
Introduction to special education video
Check out this video. Now check out this second video. How does what you learned here agree/disagree with what you learned in our first chapter?
It all agrees that we should not look down at special education but be grateful that is there.
After I read, here are