Changing Date for Australia Day


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Reasons Why Australia Day should be Changed

. Native Australians associate January 26th with the invasion of their

o It is a painful reminder of the harmful past that the aboriginals had
to endure, the commencement of massacres, oppression, and land
grabbing from the aboriginals.

o On this day, people celebrate what is great about Australia. That
means celebrating the history of Australia on a day that marks the
commencement of suffering to the natives.

. The original people of Australia deserve to mourn on the day their
ancestors were invaded.

o They should not be asked to forget and move on. The day should be
remembered for atrocities that were committed, and not celebrated by
the generations of people who perpetrated the crimes that their
counterparts mourn.

. The day relates to the destruction of the native population way of
life and culture.

o Celebrating Australia day on January 26 condones the start of
genocide, racism, the end of freedoms to the indigenous population.

. Changing the date presents an opportunity for all Australians to admit
a wrong was done, and give an opportunity towards making things right.

o It is fundamentally wrong to celebrate a day that marks the start of
abuse for some people.

. The Australian day celebration on January 26th glorifies the triumph
of imperialism, while at the same time ignoring the guilt presented by
the particular day.

o On that day, indigenous people were displaced and disempowered and
thus, the day must be changed to have inclusivity.

. For many young aboriginals, 26th January represents the date that
their ancestors were dispossessed of their rightful property and

o Thus, to them, it is not a celebration to respect the diversity of
Australians, but a day that suffering began for one particular group.

. The day celebrates old history.

o The modern Australia is multicultural, but the day marks dispossession
of a people and the British settlement as well as the history of

Thus, celebrating Australia is not the problem; it is the date that it is
celebrated on that poses the problem.


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