Task 1 - Awards Review
Job: Legal Services - Clerical and Admin
Award Response
There are numerous levels which indicate the weekly wage of a Legal clerical and administrative employee. The weekly wages for an entry level employee (level 1) are;
Level 1 = $733.00
Allowances (entry level employee)
Meal allowance
Uniform allowance
Vehicle allowance
T ransport of employees-overtime
Living away from home allowance
Protective clothing
Adjustment of expense related allowances
District allowances
Ordinary Hours of Work
Day workers/continuous workers/non-continuous workers:
38 hrs per week (Mon-Fri), however cannot exceed 152 hrs in 28 days
Applies to any work done outside of ordinary hours (38hrs) on any day or shift, or in excess of 38hrs per week.
Overtime Rate: -time and a half (first 3hrs)
-double time (time after)
Summary of a dditional Overtime Rates :
Payment for working Saturdays and Sundays - double time for Sat (after 12pm) and Sun (all day)
Payment for public holiday work - double time and a half for min. of 3hrs
Meal breaks
Each day employees are given a meal break of not less than 30 minutes , however no more tha n 60 minutes. This meal break may be taken no later than 5hrs after commencing work and after resumption of work from a previous meal break.
Annual leave
Prior to commencing a period of annual leave, employees are paid a sum equal to the wages they would have received from the ordinary time the employee would have worked, had the employee not been on leave.
The e mployer can allow an employee to take annual leave before the leave has accrued
E mployer may require an employee to take annu al leave by giving at least 4 wks notice in the following circumstances:
- as part of a close-down of its operations, or part of its operations, where the request is reasonable; or
- where more than 8 wks leave is accrued
Sick leave
An employee (except casual employee) is entitled to paid sick leave when they are unable to work because of a personal illness or injury. This can also include stress and pregnancy related illnesses.
Employees may be required to give notice or evidence to be eligible for paid sick leave
Full-time employees receive 10 days each year for paid sick leave
Maternity leave (Parental leave)
Maternity/Parental leave can be taken by employees when an employee gives birth, an employee's partner gives birth, or an employee adopts a child (16yrs and under). Entitlements include;
-maternity leave
-paternity and partner leave
-adoption leave
-special maternity leave
-a safe job and no safe job leave
-a right to return to old job
Employees are entitled to 12 months of unpaid leave, they can also request an additional 12 months of leave if necessary

Task 2 - Living Away from Home Budget

Overview of Excel Calculations:

Figures Justification:
Net Income: In order to calculate the net income, the gross income must first be calculated.
Note: refer to Task 1 to see the weekly pay
Gross income (fortnightly) = weekly pay x 2
= 733 x 2
= $1466 per fortnight
Using the ‘Tax Withheld Calculator' t he Net Income (Pay) per a fortnight was calculated to be $1286, when the Gross Income equals $1466.
Note: some of the following expenses are divided by 3 as the costs are equally shared amongst the 3 people
Using the average weekly cost from for a 3-bedroom unit allowed the for tnightly rent to be calculated and divided amongst the three people.
Calculation s :
Fortnightly cost = Average weekly rent x 2 3
= 480 x 2 3
= 960 3
= $320 per fortnight 1 person
Using the average cost of an annual electricity bill in Australia from ‘Bill Republic,' the for tnightly cost can be calculated and divided amongst the three people.
Calculation s :
Total Fortnigh t ly cost = yearly cost 26
= 1690 26
= $65 total per fortnight
Fortnightly cost per person = total fortnightly cost 3
= 65 3
= $21.67 per fortnight (1 person)

Water and Sewerage:
Using the total calculated from ‘Urban Utilities'