One of the reason I would choose cat is because they are cleaner and neater than dogs. Cats wash themselves by their tongues most of the time, so they don?t smell and they always look clean. While the dog, if it wasn?t given a shower at least once a week, it would smell as well as the house. Another reason why cats are clean is because they poop and piss in one designated place in the house which is called the litter box, once that box is shown to the cat, it will use it reguraly. Unlike the dog, that needs to be walked out at least twice a day to get its things done, and whoever walking it has to pick up the waste after him, so cats are less work than dogs.

Cats are more quiet and peaceful than dogs. They don?t meow all the time and they don?t meow at the visitors at home, they do so only if they are hungry or in pain . Whereas dogs bark whenever they hear someone knocking the door or they see someone around the house. But sometimes, they just bark with no reason which is annoying for the neighbors, and sometimes they get too excited and bite whoever is passing by, which can put his keeper in
deep trouble.
Another reason I prefer cats rather than dogs is that cat independent. As I stated before, cats don?t need to be taken out for a walk, so it?s okay if they are left home alone for couple for day but with enough food and water. By contrast, dogs always need someone to be next to them even if they have enough food and water because they need space where they run and play.
Some people prefer to own dogs thinking that dogs would protect them from robberies since they have a high sense of smell and hearing which is something I agree with, but only the trained dogs that can smell and tell if there is any danger around and even if they heard something and started barking, they might be ignored since they bark all the time.
Finally, cats will not destroy the furniture because there is a tall scratching thing that can be put for them in a corner of the house to use it whenever feel to like scratching, therefore they will leave the furniture alone.
Cats are more favorable to be a home pet than dogs since they are low maintenance
and good companions. It?s the perfect pet for someone who has less space and time. Yet many
people who have plenty space and time still want a cat in their home because they love its characters.