Career Interest Profiler

Career Interest Profiler

February 2, 2015

Career Interest Profile
After completing my career interest profile, it appears I am suited towards conventional, enterprising, and social occupations (University of Phoenix, 2014). These features indicate that I would be best in a career where I can collaborate with others utilizing data to mitigate risks and complete projects.
Fitting Career Path
My career path is in agreement with the career interest profile findings. My competencies of researching, strategizing, coping with pressure, applying expertise, logical thinking, and leading are consistent with my profile. The researching means I have the ability to get up to speed quickly when presented with new information and tasks. It allows me to support my opinions with evidence. My ability to produce focused and detailed plans while ensuring I see the big picture are in agreement with strategizing. I am very comfortable with data, identifying patterns, and getting to the root cause of problems by asking the right questions that support my logical thinking. Applying expertise is my understanding of how things work and the capability to effectively implement the use of every tool at my disposal in order to get things done more efficiently. Coping with pressure simply means I can stay on task and be positive through any situation. Together, all the competencies I have described support my capacity of leading. I enjoy coaching, mentoring, and developing individuals by providing clear direction, purpose, and motivation.

My work culture preferences are high powered, teamwork centered, and ethical. These correlate to my career interests and competencies in many ways. The teamwork centered culture requires working in a close knit team which is interconnected with enterprising and social individuals with most if not all my competencies. In addition, the ethical preference relates to leading by setting the appropriate standards of behaviors. Demanding jobs are part of the high-powered work culture and my enterprising career interest and is sustained by my coping with pressure competency.

The results of the career interest profile further support what I already believed. The path I have chosen to ensure I do something I am truly interested in will allow me to succeed and more importantly, enjoy the ride.

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