Cameron Greer
03 Oct 2016
Intro to Political Science
Professor Baptist

Presidential Debate 26 Sep 2016: Analysis
Throughout the first presidential debate this year there was a lot of information covered. There was also a lot of questions avoided . To me, Mr. Trump was not prepared for the debate. He tended to answer around a lot of questions that asked for specific policy. The ones that were most obvious were how he planned to stop police shootings of African-American s , and how to improve the black community. He solely responded by stating we need "Law and Order" which is an extremely vague policy that provides little to no help for the black community.
When Mr. Trump was asked about how he will increase jobs, as well as his entire economic plan he stated some policies that were questionable. First , he said that he would stop companies from leaving the U.S. He believes that if we tax companies hard when they import their goods into the United States that they will not want to leave, thus creating more jobs for Americans. In my opinion, I believe it is a good idea to tax companies when they import goods into the U.S. and thought this policy is not a bad idea. Trump then mentioned that he wants even more tax cuts for the wealthy so that they can expand their companies and provide more jobs. Now, I do not believe this policy is smart, because greed is a factor and the company will most likely keep the money at the top. Over many years, it has shown that majority of the money stays with in the heads of the companies and not with the working and middle class.
To move on to the next point, Mr. Trump was asked about cyber security and our national security as a whole. He stated that, as far as cyber security, that we should be better than anyone else at technology and that we need to use our technology to take threats out. I am not sure what he meant by this but it just another slew of vague statements made by Mr. Trump during the debate. He also talked about how we need to use NATO to take out ISIS and that other countries in NATO need to pay us. I agree that NATO can be used as a coalition force to take out ISIS, and that it would be much easier this way. As far as other countries paying us, at this point in time I don't believe it is that big of a deal. Lastly , he mentioned the Iran deal and how bad it was. I personally believe it was a good deal because, although it was temporary, something needed to be done.
Mrs. Clinton to me was very poised and prepared for all questions and rebuttals from Mr. Trump. When asked about her policy for creating jobs and improving the economy she was more detailed in her plan. She started by saying that we need to have an economy that works for everyone not just the upper class . Also, that we need to focus on infrastructure, energy, small business and raising minimum wage the most to create more jobs. As it pertains to the economy, she has a plan that closes corporate loop holes and focuses on making in an investment in the economy where everyone can and will have the opportunity to grow. I generally agreed with Mrs. Clinton's policies about the economy. She really talked about improving and placing a re-emphasis on the middle class.
Now, when she was asked about cyber security and our national security she had similar answers to Mr. Trump. She also stated that we should have a greater capacity online to defeat ISIS and other hackers around world attacking our databases. Also referring to ISIS, she believes we should use airstrikes and put a focus on taking out their leaders. I could not agree more with Mrs. Clinton that we need to take out ISIS leadership and make it our priority. As it pertains to NATO, she agrees with Mr. Trump that they should put more focus on terror. However, she