Business Models and Systems

February 21, 2014

Business Models and Systems
A local business I use frequently is Walgreens. Walgreens, as business commerce, is a blend of retail, pharmacy, and health care, and has a variety of products such as toiletries, beauty products, cleaning supplies, photo processing, and even some hardware items. The stores are small, clean, and convenient. The staff is always friendly and willing to help you locate products. The prices of their products are not always the lowest but the convenience and friendliness of the staff make the shopping experience pleasant and quick.
As a business occupation, Walgreens offers a pharmacy and more recently, the Take Care Clinic. The pharmacy has a variety of over the counter medications as well as the ability to fill prescriptions. The pharmacy staff, including the pharmacist, is knowledgeable and willing to take the time to answer your questions without making the customer feel rushed or insignificant for asking a question. Customers can also take advantage of a walk in clinic called the Take Care Clinic and receive health care services like immunizations, blood pressure screenings, and illness treatment. If the reason for the customerís visit to the clinic requires a prescription, it can be sent electronically to the pharmacy of choice, and if that happens to be Walgreens, the prescription is ready soon after the appointment is complete.
The business organization of Walgreens consists of managers and employees. Managers, store and assistant, assign tasks to the employees and oversee the daily store operations. The employees receive the assigned tasks and complete these tasks, whether it is stocking or running a register. Managers and employees work together to provide a convenient, well-stocked store with a pleasant shopping atmosphere.