Briana Thomas
Group Communication Competencies Survey and Summary
Week 1

After adding up all of my number my total score was 132. . There are certain skills that one must possess to help a person to be able to engage in a group setting. Some of the ways I think I can improve my competency would be to reduce my nervousness when speaking in a discussion or a meeting. Another competency I would want to better for myself would be communicating more and actively listening to others . At my current job I am required to speak a lot during meetings about diff erent approaches to better our department. I am very nervous about what if my team members or even my manger are not pleased with the points I have brought to the table . I do not speak up a lot due to the fact that I do not feel like my answers are good enough . To better my communication and active listen I would have to actually listen and not be so nervous that I am just waiting for it all to be over. Working in a group setting can enhance my learning on how to communicate and share collective information . L istening to other members of your group will help stimulate critical thinking and challenge each person's thought. These two skills I would have never thought are very important in group settings until reading this chapter. In order to be a leader of a group as well as team member you need all of these skills listed in the chapter. By h aving the ability to engage in a group helps a person to be able to make suggestions, listen to others sugge stions or their ideas, and most of all being able to take the respo nsibility of leading the group By having these skills will help me while in school life and in my everyday life. I will do the best I can to improve the competencies skills needed to eff ectively work with a group .