Brian Lowe
Goals Paper #1
The goal, what exactly is it? According to, it is "the object of a person's ambition or effort." Every person in the world has strived to achieve a goal whether it was walking as a child to graduating college obtaining a degree. I've completed many goals in my life but I am far from finished. I completed a goal by being fully admitted into Western Illinois University to raise my knowledge to a higher standard.
Regarding my intellectual goal, I want to strive hard and effortlessly to have a 3.1 -grade point average throughout my first four years at WIU. Having a 3.1 in college is a task many people look at is difficult, but it can be achieved through focus and commitment. Time management plays a big part in keeping my intellectual goal into full effect. One of the first steps in completing my goal to 3.1 is to stay on a fixed study schedule. Staying on a fixed schedule during the week will close out any possible distractions away from studying and finishing homework.
Regarding my social goal, I want to make more friends of all different races. Keeping different friends will broaden my perspective on specific situations because every person has a different outlook on life and situations. The first step I want to take to start my social goal is to attend every First Year Experience (FYE) event to relate to others. It would keep me up to date on how to keep friendships and be supportive. Having friends also means help with school work. Some situations are difficult for people while easy to others. Making friends in my classes will benefit me greatly regarding understanding the work when the professor is not present.
Regarding my physical goal, I really want to skip gaining the "freshman 15" and get enough sleep since the stigma in college is we as students never get enough sleep. I want to keep my asthma under control. The first step in doing so is getting a physician in Macomb to do a regularly scheduled check-up on my asthma so there are no surprises on campuses. It will also allow me to get the medication to keep my asthma at bay. Asthma has a way of sneaking up on the person when fall hits which are right when classes begin, meaning it is mandatory to get a physician at the BEU health center.
Regarding my emotional goal, I must continue to keep the relationships that mean the most to me around. I have to respond the right way towards people, it is very beneficial to be around people in college. It is additive to help with school work and social activities. The first goal to keep people around is to alert the people how much they mean to me. People enjoy hearing how much they are needed and or wanted.