Brainstorming Essay
Traditional vs Modern societies
Simranjit Kaur 214493498

The essay topic I have chosen to do is comparing and contrasting traditional and modern societies. I found this topic very interesting because I would be analyzing how society has changed over time. Society will forever be changing and its interesting to know how the first societies came to be. My argument would be that modern and traditional societies do have many differences but the most important differences are the social structure, mass consumption, and family structure. I am also more sympathetic towards modern society\'s, because traditional societies are very sexist and unfair by the way they treat children. Modern society lets individuals be themselves and grow as a person, where as in traditional society people were conformed and did not have much freedom. In traditional society, a person could not enjoy life instead they had duties they had to fulfill for their family\'s honour. Today, women have freedom and rights, they can get married to whoever, have an career, and be treated with respect. Traditional society did not value women, they were to have lots of sons and stay loyal, while their husbands could have affairs and abuse them. Another reason I prefer the modern society is because of the reason that marriages were arranged in rational society. Romantic love is common and accepted in modern society where as in traditional society it was forbidden. People did not have a choice on who they could marry, which I believe is not right. Even though these societies have their differences, there are similarities as well, for example they both have some sort of family. Traditional societies had extended family\'s, and today families are usually smaller but there are many households in modern society that still have extended families. In conclusion, modern society provides more opportunism for individuals.