The company I choose is Inc., which is an electronic commerce company in America like Alibaba Inc. in china. It is largest Internet retailer in America by selling DVD, furniture, food electronics and so on. The software of amazon most part is sale forecast, predict a customer what and when will order an item by analysis the data from the customer looking for, then pre-shipping to the storage and packed order until customer's order arrives. It can deliver goods to customer quickly. This system is called anticipatory shipping. Not only this system help Amazon create profit in market, amazon also acquire Kiva System in 2012, which is a kind of robot company focus on improving efficient on storage. There is a central computer controlling all robots, make each robot scan the code set on floor and using code to track the goods position. Then, robot will carry the goods to any operator. So Amazon's automated warehouse is reducing time of walking and finding for goods. It make amazon's warehouse more flexible and create higher profit by saving cost.