Blog 7
The company I chose, Apple Inc. is very famous company we know. Recently, some credit card owners report that some people was using the stolen credit card to buy items on apple pay lead to credit card owners lost money. Because apple pay doesn't need to provide actual credit card and signature. Apple Inc. can't distinguish whether the credit card data are fraudulent. It causes consumers lose faith in Apple Inc. and credit card suppliers. Thus, apple should increase security and protection on method of payment. Discovering new method of payment are useful for definite the customer. From Komonews, I also find out that about 100 million credit cards data were stolen from 2013 to 2014 by hackers or from Home Depot. Even some websites sold credit card information. However, credit monitoring won't help customers by credit card being been compromised as an excise. For solving this situation, credit card companies are required to develop new "chip and pin" technology. It will be difficult to counterfeit and replicate than before. I believe that more security and protection will increase development of economic.