I was 17 years old when I went to the U.S . The time to prepare to go to The U.S. was to short for me . I passed the interview in the end of August and September I need to go to the airport to go here . My mom was worrying for me when I tried to hang out with my friends . In that time, I just like to go out with my friends I did not care about the trip . In my mind I just want to go out with my friends because I just have some day to play with . And the day go to The U.S came . I did not know why but I sit on the car to the airport with my family and my best friends. I was feeling happy when my friends felt sad. I just go inside and did not look back . In that moment, I just did not feel anything and during the trip I just felt the same . My sister was waiting for me in the airport when I went to the U.S . In that time I felt miss my family, my friends, and anything in my country.