Connor Johnson
Mr. Pollard
Creative Writing P. 6

Wind whistled softly through the trees of the Renruin forest. Their long leaf fronds and sacks of unusual orange and green fruits susurrating in lazily created a quiet hum that some might find annoying. A gust of wind from the east sent a cluster of leaves shooting upward and like dancing girls spiraled back down to earth landing on the bare foot of a tall slender woman. As the light of the sun fighting its way through the tree leaves,
She lifted her face, her long auburn hair pushed behind her head and held in a loose knot. Outstretching her hand, she let the light and shadows dance across her fingertips. Large dangerous looking red and black insects droned while hovering in and out of the shadows of the trees. The woman inhaled the minty smells of the Renuin and continued on, delighting in the sound of her bare feet sliding through the leaves. As she continued to walk, she lifted her face smiling, the heat of the sunbeams warming her skin. Itís been awhile since I checked the map I must be getting close. The woman leans against a tall dark walnut tree, and set her deer hide pouch on the ground alongside her roughly made oaken bow. Opening the sack, she fished around, fetching an old worn folded piece of paper ripped and stained darker in some areas from water damage. She unfolded it, crackled, dust and paper pieces. Damn I need a new one, she thought as she examined the faded ink on the page. Wow, she thought, I shouldíve kept walking itís about a mile away. If this person isnít still here Iím going to kill someone. I need this money. She folded her map, and stored it away in her pouch. as she pulled her hand out her fingertips brushed up against another sheet of paper, this one much thinner. She drew it from the bag, and opened it up.

ďTaliaĒ, it read, ďYou have proved to be quite the ally when it comes to ridding ourselves of the evil of this world. While your methods are not conventional and could very well be considered illegal, Iím willing to offer you my friendship and pardon for your actions. I do feel that is payment enough for what I am about to ask you, but I know your kind donít do anything for free. She Along with this letter you should receive 500 gold pieces. Now this should more than compensate for your travel to Port Vicrion and back as well as leave a hefty sum for your personal gain. Now for the actual mission. Weíve gotten word of a man or group of men that is forcing its way through our major cities taking control of our sports arenas. We are losing money from this, and I know someone like you understands the importance of money. We cannot let our men go after those monsters it would create too much insecurity among the people, but if we send you, you could assassinate with ease, and end this mater rather quickly. I am begging you here. This needs to end one way or the other.
God speed,
Lord Hildeguard
Talia smiled slightly, I hate rich people, but hey its money, and it feels good to be wanted. Talia packed her things, and got to her feet, stretching and letting out a long yawn. She picked up her bag and began to jog, running no deftly on her feet she could barely be heard. Just a few minutes later the sound of people could be heard, and the loud crashing of water. Water, Talia moaned, Iím so thirsty. As Talia neared the town walls, she could make out the voices easier. It wasnít just the normal town chatter and bickering; it was screaming. What the heck? Taliaís pace quickened, she ran quickly into the town scaling a small hut with ease pulling her bow off her back. She quickly scanned the horizon of the city, and saw a small cloud of dust or smoke in the northeastern corner of the city. Talia bounded along the rooftops, making sure to keep a solid footing, while keeping herself hidden