Big Foot Fact? Or Fiction?

Big Foot
Fact? Or Fiction?

Another name for Big Foot is a Sasquatch. The Sasquatch has been around and in newspapers for many years. Big Foot is described as something similar to an ape and human. It is also big and hairy. People consider Big Foot a hoax. Reportedly it ranges in height from two to three metres tall. It is also reported that he weighs roughly five hundred pounds. It is covered in dark brown or dark burgundy hair, it also has very large eyes. It is reported that it has a very unpleasant smell when people have been around it. Some reported sightings have been as early as 1924.
“1924: Prospector Albert Ostman claimed to have been abducted by Sasquatch and held captive by the creatures in British Columbia.
1941: Jeannie Chapman and her children said they had escaped their home when a 7.5 feet (2.3 m) tall Sasquatch approached their residence in Ruby Creek, British Columbia.
2007: On September 16, 2007, hunter Rick Jacobs captured an image of a supposed Sasquatch by using an automatically triggered camera attached to a tree, prompting a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Game Commission to say that it was probably an image of "a bear with a severe case of mange.” The photo was taken near the town of Ridgway, Pennsylvania, in the Allegheny National Forest.”
It has been reported that the sightings have been either hoax’s or misidentified animals.